The Mismountain Boys was born from Roberto "Hook" (Gancio) Braiato  idea that in Negrone, near Misma mountain from his passion for country music and in particular for the Bluegrass.
Roberto wrote to a local newspaper searching for a guitarist to form a duo in country and bluegrass scene. The first response he got was from Remo "Mr Cadillac" Ceriotti  revealing to him that he was playing a "strange" typical Bluegrass instrument called 5 strings banjo!!!.

After few days he got another phone call from Franco "The Captain" Fanizzi , an experienced guitarist and vocalist in live shows with local band, and extimator of author country music. How  Fabio "Cowboy's Smile" Bestetti met the band was dictated by the fate ... In summer 2005 the Mismountainboys were ready to play in public for their first performance but, a week before that the bass player left the group unexpectedly. The Mismountain decided to play anyway without the bass rythm. On his way to work with the train Remo spoke with a collegue that knew a bass player in Milano in a genre called "Bluegrass". He decided immediately to contact him by email (2 days before the concert) and the deal was done !!!. Fabio carried his instrument directly to Bergamo, where met the Mismountainboys and 2 hour before the show played for a little practice. The Mismountain Boys was born and the first concert was a success and the rest is history !!!