Fabio Bestetti

Cowboy's smile



He is a great fan of country/bluegrass music. This great passion has been translated into a wide CD collection of famous American country music artists like Waylon Jennings, George Jones, George Straits and many others. Lately his passion has become the pedal steel guitar, which is an instrument that is often used in country music. He bought one from Pino Perri, a Sierra single neck with 3 floor pedals and 3 knee levers. He plays this wonderful instrument for fun. Youíll often find him enjoying his extended collection of CDs from some of the greats like Lloyd Green, Paul Franklin and Buddy Emmons. He has attended "Steel Guitar Conventions" in the U.S. in St. Louis, Dallas and Nashville.

He plays the upright bass in two different bluegrass bands, he plays in both:

Bluegrass Bovisa String Band (Milan) and the MismountainBoys (Bergamo)

The introduction to the upright bass was dictated by fate: in fact he began his music history in the Milan group as a sound technician at the mixer console. He held this role for about a year when the bandís upright bass player gave up his role unexpectedly. The band searched for a replacement for almost a year without any luck. Just when they thought about giving up, Fabio decided to rent a bass fiddle and take some lessons, even though he had never played any musical instruments! The rest of the band had the patience and encouraged him to do it. After months of practice and studying, the band was ready to perform again. The first performance was back in 92, and the rest is history.

Fate has always been working behind the scenes making it possible to meet the Mismountainboys band. They found themselves without an upright bass player just a few days before their first live performance. He joined Mismoutainboys and has been playing with them ever since, enjoying his new friendships and the collaboration of the wide repertoire of Bluegrass.